SVMN is hiring an Executive Director — can YOU make a difference?

As mentioned at our most recent meeting and as a result of generous recent support from Omidyar Network and the Gray Ghost Fund, SVMN is now hiring for an executive director. The role will initially begin as a part-time position, and gradually expand as our members & activities continue to grow. We’re very excited to bring on someone special to SVMN who can help us raise awareness of and education about microfinance in the SF bay area, and around the world, and we hope you’ll help us locate a terrific person to fill a terrific role in our organization 🙂

If you’re interested in this opportunity, or know someone great who might be, please contact us (details on how to apply below).


Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN)

Executive Director Job Description


Background on Silicon Valley Microfinance Network

SVMN is a membership organization consisting of more than 500 people from the Bay Area (and beyond) who are interested in microfinance. The activities of the organization include networking events, an educational speaker series, a resourceful website, and opportunities to engage in the field. The mission of SVMN is to leverage the unique core competencies of the Bay area in microfinance.

Given the high level of entrepreneurial activity, business-mindedness, social and global awareness, and education in the San Francisco Bay Area, microfinance has become a topic of great interest. As a region, it is well recognized as a significant potential source of intellectual and financial capital to support the growth of microfinance. However, because few microfinance organizations are based in the Bay Area, this energy has limited formal outlets. The Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN) was created with the goal of unlocking this latent energy.

SVMN has become the premier microfinance networking organization in the Bay Area and provides a unique forum for learning, discussion and exchange. At this point in its development, SVMN has an opportunity to build on the momentum created by its strong reputation and industry position to fill an important market gap and move to a higher level of impact.

To learn more, please visit

Executive Director Responsibilities

The SVMN Board of Directors is looking for a strong, entrepreneurial leader with a passion for microfinance. The Executive Director will be tasked with taking this new organization to the next level, from a growing start-up organization to a robust, professional network. The Executive Director will be responsible for the overall strategic vision of the organization as well as the day to day management. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will start at 25% time, increasing to a larger role as SVMN’s activity base grows.

Specifically, the Executive Director will:

  • Develop and implement a long term strategy with the Board of Directors
  • Design and implement a marketing program to increase membership
  • Manage fundraising required to support the financial requirements of SVMN
  • Enhance and manage the speaker series program
  • Continue to develop the website into a world class microfinance resource for members and non-members
  • Develop additional microfinance-related programs or services of interest to SVMN members
  • Leverage the membership by building a volunteer network to help run SVMN events and programs
  • Manage legal, accounting and governance issues with guidance from the Board of Directors
  • Manage communications with the Board of Directors
  • Create business performance measurements / metrics to track improvements.


Successful applicants will be flexible, with both the strategic leadership of a seasoned business executive and the desire to roll up his/her sleeves in the start-up stage of development. Specifically,

  • Excels at and enjoys networking
  • Strong event planning skills
  • Ability to coordinate and manage volunteers
  • Passion for and knowledge of microfinance a must
  • Skilled at fundraising
  • Enjoys intellectual challenge and fast pace
  • Thrives in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Strategy and business plan writing experience
  • Willingness to work from home
  • Flexibility to work part time

Application Process

Please submit your cover letter and resume to: tracey [at] microplace [dot] com.


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