Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) Europe Conference 2008

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 13-14, 2008

Subprime Crisis Reveals Opportunity

HeaderAt a time where many in the investment community are confused about the future and searching for answers, TBLI CONFERENCE™ offers sustainable solutions.

We are happy to announce a full program which includes over 100 speakers and more than 20 workshops. With only one month left, now is most definitely the time to register for TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE from 13-14 November in Amsterdam.

2041 and Antarctica

Through his lifelong quest to both protect Antarctica and educate the public about sustainable policy, business, and development, Robert Swan has inspired people throughout the world. At this year’s conference, he will inspire you.

Latest in Cleantech Developments

As California launches a 1.6 billion dollar smart electricity meter program, we will hear about the improvements in energy efficiency and cost effectiveness being rolled out on an international scale.

Special Seminar Before the Conference

Responsible Investor and TBLI CONFERENCE™ have joined forces for a special one-day seminar on November 12th in Amsterdam. The focus will be on integrating ESG into portfolios.

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