Latin America–Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit — June 8-10, 2009

Latin America — Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit



The Microcredit Summit Campaign has convened more than a 12 global and regional summits with more than 14,000 delegates from 135 countries.  Delegates come together to share microfinance best practices and ultimately to ensure 175 million families rise out of poverty by 2015.  These Summits are the best in the field and focus on ensuring practitioners can collaborate and share their experiences.  The 2009 Summit will include leaders from organizations large and small that are looking to end poverty in the Latin America – Caribbean region.  The following is one of many highly-anticipated sessions:


The Future of Microfinance: Short‐Term and Long‐Term Expansion in the Face of the Financial Crisis and Fluctuating Food and Fuel Costs

Chair | Former President Alejandro Toledo, Peru (Invited)

Panelist | Carmen Velasco, Co‐Founder and Director, Pro Mujer, Bolivia (Confirmed)

Panelist | Muhammad Yunus, Managing Director, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh (Confirmed)

Panelist | Reynold Walter, Executive Director, Fundacion de Asesoria Financiera a Instituciones de Desarrollo y Servicio Social, Guatemala (Confirmed)

Panelist | Maria Otero, President, ACCION International, USA (Confirmed)

micro_cmyk The Microcredit Summit Campaign and co-host Banca de las Oportunidades are proud to present the upcoming Latin America – Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit.  The Summit will be a unique opportunity to collaborate with the very best in the field to focus on what works in Latin American microfinance and the innovations and developments that will shape the future of the field.   logo-banca-de-las-oportunid_trnsweb

Join the June 8-10, 2009 Latin American – Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit in Cartagena, Colombia!  

For more information on the summit or to register please visit Microcredit Summit Campaign Website or 2009 Summit Website. Additional information regarding access to live streaming and on-demand video will be available soon.