SVMN Says Thanks and Farewell


To the SVMN community,

Since its inception eight years ago, we have seen the Silicon Valley Microfinance Network grow to more than 1,700 members strong, comprised of seasoned microfinance professionals, students, investors, social entrepreneurs, academics and more. Month in and month out, you have brought your knowledge, passion and colorful personalities to our events, opening your hearts and minds as you engaged with fellow SVMN members and the esteemed guests who came to speak with us.  As diverse as you are, you have been united in your passion to increase the impact of microfinance around the world.

With ever-increasing momentum, microfinance has become a mainstream topic.  We have found ourselves delighted and inspired to see microfinance featured in so many other venues and conferences.  As such, we have come to the conclusion that the role of SVMN as a producer of educational and networking events has run its course, and that our time and resources can be better allocated to inspiring the next unexplored sectors and markets.

While our flagship Speaker Series will no longer be offered, the SVMN job board and our rich catalogue of microfinance resources and past speaker write-ups will remain in the archive – available to all – at  Should you find anything of interest to the SVMN community, your may feel free to keep the conversation going on our Facebook and Linked In pages.

We would like to thank each of you for your contribution to the SVMN community and for your commitment to advancing development in the broader world.   We hope you have all benefitted both personally and professionally from your involvement in our network.  We will miss our conversations with you greatly.


Tracey Turner

Elizabeth Funk

Maya Chorengel

Sean Foote

SVMN Founders and Advisory Board Members


One thought on “SVMN Says Thanks and Farewell

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