Since our inception in 2005, the Silicon Valley Microfinance Network  (SVMN) grew to more than 1,700 members, comprised of seasoned microfinance professionals, students, investors, social entrepreneurs, academics and more. Our mission was to reduce global poverty by leveraging the unique core competencies of the Bay Area in the field of microfinance. Our members participated in a monthly Speaker Series and training courses covering microfinance, microcredit, and related finance, economic and development topics.

With ever-increasing momentum, microfinance became a mainstream topic.  We were delighted and inspired to see microfinance featured at mainstream conferences, highlighted in the press, and relied upon by development economists the world-over.

In 2013, SVMN shut down our flagship Speaker Series. The SVMN job board and our rich catalogue of microfinance resources and past speaker write-ups remain here in the archive, available to all newcomers exploring the microfinance industry.  Welcome!


SVMN was created during the summer of 2005 when industry leaders Tracey Turner, Dave McClure, Elizabeth Funk, Sean Foote, Maya Chorengel and Steve Hardgrave came together to form the nation’s first professional microfinance network. In 2009, Jonathan Lewis joined the Board of Directors.

*Photograph by Jordan Engel; 2009 CGAP Photography Contest Winner