February 27th Meeting Recap – The Gates Foundation on Microfinance

The Gates Foundation on Microfinance Hosted by SVMN       Event recap written by SVMN Volunteer, Monica Oyarzun On Mondy, February 27th, The Silicon Valley Microfinance Network hosted Jake Kendall, head of the Financial Services for the Poor (FSP) Initiative at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Victoria Barret, Associate Editor at Forbes Magazine, […]

January 12th Meeting Recap – A Conversation with Author David Roodman

A Conversation with David Roodman Author of Due Diligence: An impertinent inquiry into microfinance Hosted by SVMN Event recap written by SVMN Volunteer Julie Menezes The SVMN event on January 12th featured Economist David Roodman of the Center for Global Development. Roodman discussed his new book, Due Diligence: an impertinent inquiry into microfinance, and how […]

December 6th Meeting Recap – Panel: Is Microfinance Dying?

SVMN Panel: Is Microfinance Dying? Featuring: Dr. Ruth Shapiro, Maya Chorengel, Sean Foote, Dr. Lamia Karim Tuesday, December 6th 2011 Panel Recap Written by SVMN Volunteer Elayna Yussen SVMN packed the house last Tuesday evening with a diverse speaker panel including Maya Chorengel of Elevar Equity, Sean Foote of Labrador Ventures and faculty at UC Berkeley […]

October 24th Meeting Recap – Panel: “Microfinance: Poverty, Profits & Promises”

SVMN Panel: “Microfinance: Poverty, Profits & Promises” Featuring: Ananya Roy, Chris Dunford, Premal Shah, Ayesha Wagle & Eric Weaver October 24th, 2011 Panel Recap written by SVMN Volunteer Monica Oyarzun As microfinance continues to gain popularity, the news headlines on the topic have gone from a positive view to one that is much more questionable.  […]

Meeting Recap: “Economic Empowerment for Women in Liberia” Featuring Chid Liberty

Economic Empowerment for Women in Liberia Featuring Chid Liberty Meeting Recap written by Elayna Yussen Last Wednesday’s SVMN event held at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco featured guest speaker Chid Liberty, co-founder and CEO of Liberty & Justice, and partnering non-profit, Made In: Liberia.  Throughout the evening, Chid shared his personal story and […]

June 8th Meeting: Economic Empowerment for Women in Liberia

Economic Empowerment for Women in Liberia Featuring Chid Liberty of Made In: Liberia -June 8th, 2011- The next Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN) meeting will take place on Wednesday June 8th, 2011 and will feature Chid Liberty (Co-Founder of Liberty & Justice and Founder of Made In: Liberia) as he discusses his thriving, multi-national social enterprises.  […]

Meeting Recap: “Financing Good” Featuring Jocelyn Wyatt & Chuck Slaughter

Meeting Recap: “Financing Good: How Partnerships Between Microfinance & Social Enterprises Benefit the Bottom of the Pyramid” – Thursday, April 28th – Written by SVMN Volunteer, Helen Liang The last Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN) meeting took place on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 and featured Jocelyn Wyatt, Co-Lead & Executive Director of IDEO, and Chuck […]